Q. What must I know before I start playing for real money?
A. We advise you to start playing our Play for fun to familiarize yourself to the various games. If you would like to play for real money, please contact your agent to obtain credit.

Q. What is the currency used at 1S Poker?
A. The currency used to play all games are denominated in a Points System. The points system will be pegged to the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), where 100 Points will be equivalent to 1 MYR. Your home currency will automatically be converted to Points once you log in and converted back the moment you leave our gaming tables. The prevailing market exchange rates will be updated every Monday and indicated on your statement. This exchange rate will remain constant up till the next update on the following Monday.

Q. Who am I playing with?
A. You will be playing against other members from around the world. 1S Poker does not play but merely charges a small rake from every game played.

Q. Does 1S Poker have the rights to amend the exchange rate?
A. 1S Poker reserves the rights to amend the exchange rate without prior notice

Q. What is the security & password policy in 1S Poker?
A. Your Password - You are responsible for the security of your password. Change your password on a regular basis. Never reveal your password to anyone. Never write it down where anyone can find it or figure out what it is.
Logging Out - Please use our "Log out" feature if you are going to be away from your computer for an extended period of time. The sign out feature will end your session, and you will have to re-submit your sign in name and password before entering the 1S Poker game client again. We strongly recommend shutting down your game client to prevent others from using your account. 1S Poker reserves the right to alter this policy and render final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Policy changes and relevant decisions will be communicated accordingly by 1S Poker using electronic and/or written mean

Q. What is my Sign-In Name and Password?
A. Your Sign-In Name and Password will be the one provided to you when you open an 1S Poker account.

Q. Can I change my Sign-In Name and Password?
A. You cannot change your Sign-In Name BUT you may change your password. You can change your password by clicking on “Password”, then “Change Password” from the main lobby screen. You need to provide your existing Password and key in your new Password.

Q. What is the player screen name?
A. You will be asked to enter a unique screen name (nickname) upon first login and it will display on the game table played. This screen name may completely unrelated to with your sign-in name and it can’t be changed, unless under special circumstances.

Q. How do I play a game?
A. Please refer to the following steps to play a game: -
-Logon to 1S Poker
-Select the game you wish to play
-Enter the table stake you wish to play (10/20, 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 500/1000 etc.) 
-Double click on the table to play the game

Q. How do I leave the table without losing all the money I have won already?
If you have decided to leave the table at (any time), your money will be returned automatically to your account. If you are in the middle of a hand your balance after that particular hand will be returned to your account.

Q. How does the house charge on every game? How does 1S Poker make money?
1S Poker charges a small percentage of rake in every hand played.

Q. Can I play more than one table?
1S Poker allows players to play up to four tables at the same time.

Q. How can I add more money to the table?
By clicking on Reload button on the table and enter the amount that you wish to top up.

Q.What is the procedure if I do not know how to play the game?
You may inform our customer support department. Please click 24/7 Help and our customer support will assist you through Live Chat.

Q. I am just learning to play the game. Where can I play for fun before I begin playing for real money?
You can play our Play for Fun anytime. Your account will be credited with 1,000 play money for the first login. Simply click on Play for Fun icon on our main page to join a table.

Q. How do I play for real money game?
A. You will need to contact your agent to obtain credit. Your settlement will be made based on your home currency.

Q. What is the computational method for my base currency exchanges with US dollar?
A. The buy-in rate from your base currency to Points is calculated on the exchange rate set at the time of buy-in. Upon settlement, the sell back from USD to your base currency will be the exchange rate from your last buy-in. For example, if there is only one buy-in and one sell back, the exchange rate used will be the same. However, if there were a few buy-ins at different exchange rates, the sell back exchange rate will follow the last buy-in exchange rate.

Q. How are funds transferred to and from tables?
A. All funds transferred to and from the table are denominated in Points. As for the calculation of Win/Loss, each of these transfers are “tagged” with prevailing exchange rate in the system, between Points and the member's based currency. The “Win/Loss of the member” is “the amount transferred out of a table”, less “all funds transferred to that table”. Member can make multiple transfers of funds from his account to a table, but may only transfers all remaining funds out of that table once. At the time of the funds being transferred out, the exchange rate used shall be “that rate used for the last fund transferred into that table”.

Q. How can I check the outcome of a hand?
A. 1S Poker only keeps track of the real money game hand in details. To check the hand details in the game, Click on the hand history icon to see the previous hands you’ve played at the table.

Q. Why do I experience a slow/interrupted connection?
This may be caused by internet traffic at your location; background downloading, as well as other variables can contribute to a slow connection. Your Internet connection is rated on the signal bar at the top right corner of your screen.

Q.What happens if I disconnect from the internet while I am playing a game?
A. If you are disconnected from the Internet while playing a game there are two outcomes. The first outcome is, if you haven't place a bet, you will have your cards folded and you will be excluded from the game until you reconnect. The second outcome is if you have made a bet, and you get disconnected, you will have 20 seconds to reconnect and proceed with the hand.
1S Poker cannot be held accountable for any funds lost due to disrupted gaming

Q. I am being abused at the tables! What can I do?
A. 1S Poker would like to apologize for the abuse you have suffered. We do not condone this behavior in any way. We would like you to report this person immediately. Abuse does not just consist of swearing and racial slurs. Abuse also includes harassment, provoking, constant pestering, revealing personal information of a user and threatening. You may contact us to report this injustice. You may send an email or click on the24/7 Support button and you will be connected to Customer Support.

Q. Two players are colluding at the table. What can I do to stop them?
A. 1S Poker does everything in its power to stop or limit colluding. Colluding means when a player or more players are controlling the game or two players (or more) are discussing their hands. Anyone that suspects the players are colluding should contact Customer Support immediately. Please click on 24/7Support with both users screen name & hand numbers and we will deal with them accordingly.

Q. What happens when there is a situation of chip dumping or transfer of chips and credit on the gaming tables?
A. All bets that are found to be related to collusion or chip dumping will be deemed null and void. All of such illegitimate bets will be directly cancelled off the system.
1S Poker reserves the right to amend the penalties and to ban players with a lack of integrity for the game to preserve a fair playing field for 1S Poker players an agents.
1S Poker reserves the right to Void all suspicious bets of chip dumping nature on 1S gaming tables. No complains and accusations will be entertained by 1S Poker Management.

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